VIP Limousine Christmas Party 2017

Sometimes our team takes a little time to get treated. Photo credit: Jeff Arvizu
Sometimes our team takes a little time to get treated. Photo credit: Jeff Arvizu

At VIP Limousine, we function as an around-the-clock operation, doing whatever is needed at all hours to make sure our clients are driven better. However, sometimes in order to sustain these levels of intensity, our team needs a break, so each year we plan out a Christmastime party for all our chauffeurs.

This year, we invited the chauffeurs and their spouses to join together for a dinner in downtown Salt Lake City; specifically, we chose Tucanos, a Brazilian steakhouse with a location at The Gateway, one of the main shopping centers.

Normally, our chauffeurs strictly drive people from the front seat in our vehicles, but this time they were the passengers, as our media specialist and assistant manager, Philip Keeve, pulled up in the company’s black Hummer stretch limousine and helped them inside. With Christmas music playing along with various snapping noises from camera apps, the party hit the road for the quick trip to downtown SLC.

Our black Hummer H2 stretch limousine patiently awaits passengers. Photo credit: Tim Morris
Our black Hummer H2 stretch limousine patiently awaits passengers. Photo credit: Tim Morris

The day after our company party was Lady Gaga’s concert at the Vivint Smart Home Arena, so the streets near The Gateway and the Arena itself were clogged and closed with her entourage. Situations like this, though, fail to faze our chauffeurs, and Philip deftly avoided the issue. Before long, the limo was at Tucanos and Philip unloaded the passengers.

Tucanos is a lively, bustling place, with a lot of celebrations and a party-like atmosphere reflective of Brazilian traditions. We were fortunate to have a table reserved for our group which managed to seat everybody, and then the magic began.

Waiters began circling the table with the exquisite cuts of meat, delicious seafood, and beautiful grilled pineapple. As Philip returned from parking the Hummer in a safe lot and braved the cold walking back, everybody else jumped into action around Tucanos’ large salad bar, outfitted with rolls, fruit, a variety of salads, and all of the trimmings. Most of us filled up quickly, so we started to turn over the signal blocks for meat service so that we wouldn’t be too stuffed.

Around this time, one of our chauffeurs, Tim Morris, rose to give a quick toast. His booming, slow voice carried across the tables in recognition of what we do. We’re grateful to have him on our team.

Not that Tucanos was going to let a toast stop us from eating. Our waiter, Mike, then came around with a presentation tray of tantalizing desserts, and our stomachs instantly made room for more food. Creme brulee, triple-layer chocolate cake, cheesecake, cream, and a slew of other delectable items flew out of the kitchen towards our table, and we continued to dig in.

Upon completion, Philip returned to get the limo from its safe parking zone to bring everyone back home, only to find that someone had broken in a window and stolen the stereo out of the back (a lesson learned the hard way). However, because VIP Limousine is the largest limousine company in the state of Utah, he was able to quickly return to the warehouse and swap vehicles for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter party bus limo. Upon his return, the night resumed as normal.

The following day, we contacted companies to install a brand-new stereo and new window, and the black Hummer was back in service without a hitch.

A broken window couldn’t dampen the joy and gratitude we have for our team and our clients over this past year. Growing pains, moving changes, industry shakeups, and all, we’re glad to serve our passengers from start to finish and make them feel like VIPs at every turn.

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