Usanaty, or: How VIP Limousine does corporate events

VIP Limousine Van Convoy

At VIP Limousine, we go out of our way to accommodate the needs of our clients. This includes the corporations. For this week, it was a locally-based health and wellness company, USANA.

At least once every year, USANA has meetings and leadership retreats here in Utah. For this particular event, their guests stayed at The Grand Summit Hotel in the Canyons Village at Park City Mountain Resort. Everything began in earnest on Wednesday, checking all airport permits and readying new chauffeurs for the expanded service. We refer to this event on our end as “USANAty,” since it is a very busy time!

Early on Thursday morning, the first of the USANA guests began to arrive at Salt Lake City International Airport, mere minutes from the downtown core of Salt Lake City. Before the first passengers arrived, we had chauffeurs stationed at the airport with SUVs and dispatch on standby for flight changes. We also set up a meet-and-greet system with our management team and maintained drivers on the airport site in case of an unexpected problem.

As it happened, with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints having the spring sessions of General Conference, the airport was beefed up with extra security, resulting in some very rare delays at the airport. However, we stood by to accommodate whichever USANA passengers came our way, even combining some trips, which saved USANA some transportation costs. Even with some delayed flights, we took everyone from the airport up to Park City without a hitch. Our chauffeurs really knew how to step it up and anticipate forthcoming needs.

For transportation the following day to the USANA headquarters, we gave them a special treat: rides in our limousine fleet. We deployed our options from Hummer, Cadillac, and Mercedes-Benz to give VIP treatment to every participant in the retreat. We utilized these vehicles plus additional vans where needed to move everyone from the Grand Summit Hotel to USANA headquarters and back again, navigating the twisting route of Interstate 80 through the canyon between the two locations.

While this was happening, we still had other reservations to take care of in limousines and black car service. Our chauffeurs successfully transported a family going on a special trip, a birthday party, and several prom groups in the midst of USANAty.

Saturday was another important day for the USANA event, with a special part of the program being dinner along the exclusive, charming, and unique Park City Main Street. We brought a convoy of vans, pictured above, to the Grand Summit Hotel to take the passengers to 350 Main, a chic American brasserie. In the middle of this scheduled trip, we received unexpected surprise news from one of our chauffeurs who encountered a traffic problem, so one of the chauffeurs in the van convoy took over the run the other was supposed to do. This is just one example of VIP Limousine doing what needs to be done to get our clients where they need to go, with no excuses. This chauffeur then rejoined the rest of the convoy back in Park City to complete the evening’s assignment.

On Sunday morning at 3 am, our chauffeurs who had the first trips of the day began to get ready, and brought vehicles back to the Grand Summit Hotel. Using a combination of vans, sedans, and SUVs, our team successfully transported all of the USANA guests back to SLC International Airport so they could make their individual flights to various destinations around the world. Again, these went without incident, with everyone and their luggage fitting with room to spare in our vehicles.

After USANAty, our team isn’t resting. The needs for transportation in the Salt Lake area continue to demand the best service, and we at VIP Limousine will work to continue to honor our commitment to VIP treatment for everyone at every level. Whether you have a corporate event, a special personal event, or simply need to get from A to B, we are here at the ready with professional service, a calm attitude, and a willingness to go beyond the call of necessity.

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