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Sundance Film Festival 2019: Sheer BLS

Any followers of our social media may have noticed there has been some atypical silence. They may be wondering what’s going on, or fearing that there has been an issue.

Nothing could be further from the truth! We have been incredibly busy, coming off of a record month with a lot of sleepless nights as we worked around the clock. The Sundance Film Festival is always a busy time for livery services in Utah, but for us at VIP Limousine, we aim to perform above and beyond and rise to the occasion.

Even with an unexpected departure from our central office, the team here turned it up to 11, taking on more than we ever had before during this busy time. When our neighbors were struggling to cope, we helped pick up their pieces. And when one of the largest companies in the world came knocking, we executed their needs smoothly from start to finish.

It’s a great honor to be working alongside the great worldwide transportation powerhouse that is BLS Limo. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Atlanta, they manage the luxury mobility of some of the most important figures across the globe. From the Super Bowl to Sundance, they do it all, and it was an incredible privilege to take care of their needs and beyond here in Utah.

We're very grateful for the opportunity to work with BLS Limo! Photo credit: www.blslimo.com
We’re very grateful for the opportunity to work with BLS Limo! Photo credit: www.blslimo.com

With BLS as well as our other loyal and local clients, we had our vehicles going around the clock, whether back and forth between the airport and Park City or driving around between various locations at passenger beck and call. Our stretch limousines were also out and about at all hours, avoiding the worst of the traffic and scything through the snow. Bad weather does not slow us down, and our entire black car fleet is equipped with all-wheel drive, enabling legal and safe chauffeuring in all types of conditions.

A hallmark of the Sundance Film Festival is terrible traffic in Park City, with road closures, turn restrictions, extremely limited parking, and narrower street space than usual. Our SUVs and sedans have no problem navigating the melee, as our seasoned chauffeurs know the scene of Sundance well. Knowing where (and where not) to go is everything when dealing with a tight schedule and demands coming from all directions. This is particularly important when going between venues for screenings and other events which may or may not be a part of the festival itself. Park City is an outdoor playground, after all, and if the stars aim to take part in winter recreation, we’re all too happy to oblige getting them there.

Have a special request? You got it! Whether it’s a specific bottle of water, or even a bottle of oxygen for dealing with the altitude (let’s face it, we’re not at sea level here in Utah), our team can take care of specific requests a la carte or en masse. This includes making sure we have enough vehicles for our clients’ needs; however, we will also be honest if we are unable to accommodate. Overpromising and underdelivering is disingenuous and unacceptable to clients who pay good money for a luxury service. It burns bridges and creates frustration and chaos, instead of creating harmony and order. This is where VIP Limousine logistics play a big part in customer satisfaction; timeliness and showing up are basic. We look to always go beyond that.

How does a company go beyond? Honesty, integrity, professionalism, and value. These are at the core of what we do in transportation, and we are always looking to improve upon them. The Sundance Film Festival is an annual test of the limits of livery here in Utah, and VIP Limousine pushed through to new heights. We’re very excited for what the future holds in our 30th year in business! Stay tuned for more to come.