Service Questions

At VIP Limousine, we get a lot of questions about our services and why someone should do business with us. So we decided to make a video about it!

We answer a variety of questions, including:
-Is your chauffeur professionally dressed? Ours come in suit and tie every time.
-Does the chauffeur assist with luggage and doors without being asked? Yes, they are trained to provide a high caliber of customer service.
-Is water available in black cars for no extra cost? Yes, complimentary water is provided.
-Are charging/audio cables provided at no extra cost? Yes, chauffeurs carry their own to adapt to all different kinds of devices.
-Are the vehicles in a state of good repair and look like what was paid for? Yes, they are professionally maintained at standards above what is required.
-Are the vehicles washed by hand? Yes, with special attention to detail inside and out.
-Are the vehicles kept inside a warehouse away from the elements? Yes, they are stored inside an enclosed warehouse.
-Is there a wide variety of vehicle options? Yes, we have everything from luxury sedans to large SUV stretch limos.

All of these are completely fair questions in regards to getting what you pay for in the state of Utah, and VIP Limousine is the only transportation company which can say yes to all of the above questions day in and day out.

However, there are also a myriad of other things which one should consider. At VIP Limousine, safety of our passengers is our first priority each and every time, so regardless of which limousine company you choose, here are some additional details which are worth checking.

One of these is insurance. Livery company vehicles should be properly insured for all jobs advertised, regardless of where they travel. It should also be livery insurance, as opposed to just commercial, because livery is a step up and implies a higher caliber of service. We at VIP Limousine are in line with and exceed insurance requirements in case of the worst.

How about cost? Our pricing is competitive with other providers in the area as well as across the country. In fact, our rates even compete with the rideshare companies, while offering consistent quality, luxurious vehicles, and chauffeurs who know the area like the back of their hand. Furthermore, there are no hidden charges, taxes, or fees; what you see is what you pay.

How about service quality and gratuities/tips for chauffeurs? There are a lot of companies which charge an automatic gratuity for all of their services, often as high as 20%. However, this is the service industry, and we believe that professionals should be compensated based on the service they provide, not just because they checked a box and got passengers from A to B. Our limousine services do not have a gratuity automatically applied. Our black car services also leave room to compensate the chauffeur based on their performance.

Are there any questions you have for us which we did not answer? Please feel free to let us know in the comment section, give us a call, or send us an email.

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