Liberty Wells, Utah: Our Home, Part 14

Our blog is returning to focus on some other local entities, namely the areas around our hometown city. Salt Lake itself contains some areas we have yet to explore and which are otherwise overlooked in general. However, these are also reasons for us to love where we live.

Salt Lake City’s best-known neighborhoods include The Avenues, downtown, and Sugarhouse. There’s one, though, which is up-and-coming and deserves a close look for its proximity to great schools and parks, a plethora of local businesses, and unique architecture. This is Liberty Wells, which has become the quiet residential epicenter of the city of Salt Lake.

It's not in the center of the neighborhood, but Liberty Wells is home to Liberty Park, which plays a large part in how it functions. Photo credit: Trover
It’s not in the center of the neighborhood, but Liberty Wells is home to Liberty Park, which plays a large part in how it functions. Photo credit: Trover

This dense area is 56 square blocks between two of the city’s main arteries on the west and east sides, and also between 1300 South and 2100 South, corresponding with two close-by stations on UTA TRAX. It is also served by several bus lines and has the S-Line streetcar just to the south running to Sugarhouse, and the freeway system also wraps around the edges enabling easy access to everything around it and beyond. Founded with more agricultural ideas in mind, Liberty Wells also became a historic district in 2010 per the National Parks Service.

Sitting in the northeastern corner of Liberty Wells is the green oasis of Liberty Park. This city park is one of the best in the area, complete with running trails, a beautiful pond with bridges, and the unique Tracy Aviary. Seeing as it is next to several other neighborhoods, the park is also popular, but it’s not crowded since it’s not in the heart of downtown.

Because Liberty Wells is not downtown, the scene and vibe is quieter and even more local. Most of the buildings here are smaller, which lends to a more intimate feel in restaurants and other businesses. Some of the restaurant highlights include the Park Cafe, Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant and Market, 565 Firehouse, and Siam PT, while smaller establishments include Alchemy Coffee. The neighborhood coffee shop or restaurant is part of what brings a community together.

Even though it is situated on the larger city blocks, Liberty Wells has a smaller feel in part because some of them are divided up by smaller streets and alleys. This makes the area very walkable so residents and visitors can enjoy the natural beauty.

Some of the beauty in Liberty Wells also comes from the homes. Most of these are older, no newer than Great Depression-era construction, with solid foundations and classic details coupled with modern updates. This makes the subdivisions within the neighborhood very pleasing and it attracts a variety of residents, from the young and new to the elderly lifelong residents. Some of the older homes are in tear-down condition, but they’re getting replaced with stylish and modern residences which compliment the older designs, while also making an independent statement.

With beautiful parks and streets, a variety of amenities and restaurants, and a tight-knit residential community, Liberty Wells is the up-and-coming area within Salt Lake City. It’s accessible and classic but, with boutique businesses and the introduction of updated as well as new housing construction, is also quiet and getting on the trendy side. Whether a resident or a visitor to Utah, we recommend checking out this area.

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