South Salt Lake, Utah: Our Home, Part 12

The Columbus Center in South Salt Lake is a hidden gem in the midst of the city. Photo credit:
The Columbus Center in South Salt Lake is a hidden gem in the midst of the city. Photo credit:

We at VIP Limousine like to highlight reasons why we love our hometown. However, it also includes the suburban areas across the Salt Lake valley, and it is important for us to look at–and, as chauffeurs, to know–all of them. This week, we want to look at our immediate neighbor: South Salt Lake.

Known as the “City on the Move,” South Salt Lake was our prior home before we moved to just south of the Salt Lake City International Airport. The small city of about 24,000 neighbors the Salt Lake City neighborhoods of Sugar House and Liberty Wells, one which is very trendy and another which is up-and-coming. The area is surrounded by several freeways and sits near the Central Pointe TRAX station, with the S-Line streetcar running through the northern part of the city limits.

The city is home to a lot of diversity. Historically, South Salt Lake has had the most, if not the most diverse, populations in Salt Lake County. The only Chinatown in the Intermountain West is located here, and a wide variety of businesses are located here, everything from transportation and some manufacturing to the headquarters of some local and growing businesses, including Zagg, a phone case and accessory firm. It’s also the location of the first franchise of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in the world, established in the 1950s.

South Salt Lake has also been home to some prominent individuals, most notably Ed Catmull, a graduate of the University of Utah and the president of Pixar. While not a Utah native, Catmull graduated from Granite High School, a now-defunct high school of the very broad Granite School District.

South Salt lake is not to be overlooked. As an industrious city which has been cleaning up its act and becoming more prosperous, it’s a good neighbor that helps drive the Wasatch Front forward.

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