Salt Lake City: Our Home, Part 3

An overview of the eastern side of the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center. Photo credit:
An overview of the eastern side of the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center. Photo credit:

With a growing population and presence on the world stage, Salt Lake City is becoming home to more and more businesses, people, and major events. Many of these take place in the downtown area, and involve today’s subject: the Salt Palace Convention Center.

Located one block west of Main Street in the heart of downtown, the Salt Palace Convention Center, or the Salt Palace as it is known locally, has massive meeting spaces and exhibit halls as well as private offices. The facility hosts everything from Salt Lake Comic Con, the second largest in the United States, to RootsTech Conventions, from concerts to state political events. It covers 679,000 square feet of space, which can be flexibly tailored to attendee needs. You know there’s an event occurring at the Salt Palace when your lunchtime crowds are larger than usual at City Creek Center and other local restaurants around the downtown core.

The Salt Palace was originally constructed in 1969, but 48 years later it has changed into something else entirely, with new spaces and a complete renovation of the interior and exterior. It is named after Utah’s longest-serving governor in the state’s history, Calvin L. Rampton, an attorney and businessman born and raised in Davis County, just to the north of Salt Lake City.

The Salt Palace is owned governed by Salt Lake County, in addition to several other public venues and meeting spaces. It’s a great space to gather, an excellent addition to the Salt Lake City skyline, and in a very convenient location. We enjoy taking clients to and from the facility on a regular basis, for whatever the occasion.

Testimonial Tuesday: Airport and More

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Salt Lake City: Our Home, Part 2

The exterior of City Creek Center seen from Main Street in Salt Lake City. Photo source: City Creek Center.
The exterior of City Creek Center seen from Main Street in Salt Lake City. Photo source: City Creek Center.

At VIP Limousine, we love our hometown of Salt Lake City. We also love to share what it has to offer. Continuing on the theme of the prior posting (which can be found here), today’s post focuses on the downtown area. Specifically, we want to talk about City Creek Center, better known just as City Creek.

Prior to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Salt Lake City had a downtown core which was starting to die. Shuttered shops and a not-so-vibrant business vibe defined Main Street just south of Temple Square. To start a turnaround, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints employed its for-profit business arm and enlisted the help of Taubman Centers, a Michigan-based company, to redevelop the Main Street mall area beginning in 2003.

After a lengthy period of construction, City Creek Center opened in March 2012, with a completely revitalized area consisting of over 100 stores, restaurants, and high-rise apartments. Encompassing property on two square city blocks and connected by a sky bridge, City Creek Center adds further definition and opportunity to the downtown core of a growing Salt Lake City. The facility features a creek–with fish–running down the central walkways on the ground floor in a fully climate-controlled environment. Each main mall segment also features a cantilevered roof which folds away when the weather is nice, and closes when it’s inclement to maximize a balance between a pleasant outdoor experience and full comfort while exploring all it has to offer.

Between the western and eastern sides of the mall section is the sky bridge on the second floor, which features a historical map of the downtown area when it was first settled by the Pioneers. Be sure to check it out to compare how Salt Lake City has developed and get your directional bearings as well.

Access to City Creek Center is very easy. From the airport, VIP Limousine brings clients to the facility in about 5-10 minutes. Additionally, the Utah Transit Authority not only has nearby bus connections within the Free Fare Zone, but also has a TRAX light rail station (City Center) directly under the sky bridge, served by the Blue and Green lines. This connects the mall with the rest of the Salt Lake valley, with further connections to Utah, Davis, and Weber counties by rail.

Want to stay nearby? City Creek Center is near a myriad of hotels, including the following within walking distance: Marriott and its sub-brands, The Grand America Hotel, The Little America Hotel, Radisson, Hilton, and several others. We service each of these locations regularly with our black car and limousine options.

Our Cadillac Escalade awaiting passengers at the Salt Lake City Hilton near City Creek Center.
Our Cadillac Escalade awaiting passengers at the Salt Lake City Hilton near City Creek Center.

We believe that Salt Lake City has a lot to offer, and the City Creek Center development is a beautiful contribution to the downtown area of our home. Stay tuned for more blog updates!

Salt Lake City: Our Home, Part 1

Greetings from VIP Limousine!

As spring starts to come into view with the ski season slowing down and the white peaks turning brown and green, we wanted to take some time to talk about our hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. We might be biased, but it’s definitely a unique and beautiful place. Today we want to focus on the downtown area, specifically the most famous part of the city.

The picture above was taken at Temple Square, the center of Salt Lake City. It’s not as tall as One World Trade Center, the Sears Tower, or The Shard; it doesn’t tower over everything around it like the Eiffel Tower or the CN Tower; and it’s not as old as Petra or the Pyramids of Giza. And that is perfectly okay. It’s majestic in its own right, with manicured grounds and beautiful architecture.

At the center of it all is the Salt Lake Temple, the multi-spired majestic namesake structure which dominates the square itself. While access to the interior of the Salt Lake Temple is limited to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints whom are worthy to attend, the grounds and tours of the temple are open to all whenever the gates are unlocked. There are a slew of information displays and two visitor centers providing even more information on the grounds of Temple Square itself.

Adjacent to the Salt Lake Temple is the Tabernacle, a building constructed for meetings and musical performances, primarily by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The 360-person ensemble performs here every week, and broadcasts music live around the world, with the backing of an orchestra and massive organ. The building was erected by an expert in bridge construction, allowing for the span without any central columns. What it also did was create a space with essentially perfect acoustics. Don’t miss the pin drop at the start of each performance!

There is one building constructed from leftovers on Temple Square, and that is Assembly Hall. It’s a multipurpose building with an organ and space for a small concert and religious meetings. While often overlooked, it is worth checking out if you take a visit there.

Temple Square is also near some more administrative and historical centers for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but it is also home to another historical building: The Joseph Smith Memorial Building, formerly known as Hotel Utah. It’s a multi-purpose facility like Assembly Hall, but it serves as more of a venue than a meetinghouse. The JSMB has meeting rooms, offices, beautiful open public space, and restaurant options including The Nauvoo Cafe, The Garden Restaurant, and The Roof Restaurant, a Best of State award-winning establishment with a stunning view across the city. That they are all within one block, let alone one building, is just one example of the accessibility of the many surprises and great elements of Salt Lake City.

We at VIP Limousine are familiar with Temple Square, not only because we live around here, but also because we take our clients there! The area is perfect for prom nights, music events, or a night out in one of the cleanest cities in the world. We love our hometown, and would love to help show it to you, whether you live here or are visiting from outside of the area. Give us a call to take you to Temple Square, and you will experience VIP treatment and the spirit of Salt Lake City.

We will continue to do profiling on our home, so stay tuned for more!

New Video! VIP Limousine Presents: Prom on a Budget

VIP Limousine presents: Prom on a Budget

We teamed up with Brianna Platt of Antique Limo of Utah to create this guide to prom! Be sure to check out The DI and other local and national businesses for fun and inexpensive ideas!

The limousine featured in the video is one of our own, a Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine. This is the definitive classic, with seating for up to 10 passengers, a wet bar, fiber optic lighting, a stereo, DVD player, and tinted windows for VIP treatment without breaking the bank.

Going local: Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana


At VIP Limousine, one thing we love to do is go out and see what Salt Lake City has to offer. Today, we’re exploring one of our favorite food options.

Settebello, a delicious genuine Italian pizzeria, was just named the best pizza place in the state of Utah, according to an article in our local newspaper, The Deseret News. The establishment uses wood-fired ovens and classic recipes, and features a gelateria next door to continue your culinary journey. Read more about the restaurant and its history here.

From the pizzeria to the playhouse, from a birthday to THE big day, book with VIP Limousine to make your experience one to remember.

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