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Testimonial Tuesday

VIP Limousine Capital Black Hummer

“Thanks so much for being efficient and sending us such a great driver. It worked out perfectly.” -Steven

We strive to offer the best possible solutions to your transportation needs, and this testimonial is just another example of what we do for our clients, regardless of who they are. Thank you Steven for your feedback!

If you are a previous customer and have not reviewed us, please feel free to do so on Google Reviews.


Welcome to our first Throwback Thursday at VIP Limousine! This is where we share and write about past experiences. While Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, our team wants to examine something which is at the heart of our business: prom!

VIP Limousine Prom

The adults reading this page may remember their own prom dances during high school, with the sharp suits and gorgeous gowns. Style flies high at prom, and so does the fun! A night of dancing and good memories to be had, and a highlight of a night during those developing years.

For any high schoolers: we’d love to take you from start to finish! Let us add to your experience and memories. Why? Allow us to explain.

At VIP Limousine, we also have the opportunity to be a part of those fun nights. We have driven countless groups of juniors and seniors, with their dates eager to get going for pictures, dinner, and dancing. Some of them decide to up the ante and choose a limousine for their special evening out and about!

Imagine waiting at the house, a church, or other location, only to come outside to see a long, shiny limousine. The chauffeur stands next to the vehicle, greeting you and your guests, and taking pictures. Then, the door opens to reveal the luxurious interior, ready to coddle everybody in comfort and safety en route to dinner and dancing.

What are some of the benefits of using a limousine service for prom? There are several!

  1. None of the students have to drive the long distance. This enhances safety on the road and throughout the night.
  2. Our drivers are trained to maneuver long, tall, and heavy vehicles with ease in traffic and the streets. You don’t have to worry about finding parking and managing the logistics. We’ll take care of it for you!
  3. You and your guests can enjoy your smooth ride inside with each other’s company, music, back-seat gadgets, and views of your surroundings.

Our prom-appropriate fleet includes the following vehicles.

  • Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine. The classic choice, it can safely escort up to 10 people in comfort, and is fitting for any event. The exterior of this vehicle is white.
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter limousine. We have two of these vehicles in our fleet. Built by Executive Coachbuilders, VIP Limousine was the first transportation company in Utah to acquire these beauties. With the ability to carry up to 14 passengers, the tall interior enables occupants to stand for the best ingress and egress. The exterior of both vehicles is black.
  • Cadillac Escalade stretch limousine. Out-bling the blingiest with this chrome-plated monster. The rear doors open to reveal a commodious 18-passenger interior, color-keyed for an upscale look. The exterior of this vehicle is black.
  • Hummer H2 stretch limousine. If you’re seeking the biggest of the biggest, look no further than our dual fleet of Hummers. Few vehicles are more iconic and imposing on the road, and when fitted with a classic stretch, add immense presence. These also have spacious interiors and large doors for a sumptuous atmosphere. We have a choice of 18- or 20-passengers lengths in our fleet. The exterior of the 18-passenger Hummer is black; the exterior of the 20-passenger Hummer is white.

From start to finish, and everywhere in-between, prom should be a special occasion. We at VIP Limousine look to ensure and enhance this experience with our services. Not to mention, too, our drivers enjoy interacting with high school groups and make sure they have fun from beginning to end.

Be sure to check our blog in the future for more #tbt postings. Make sure to check out our website or call for more information!


Team Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting

We wanted to introduce you to some individuals on our team!

From left to right: Philip Keeve (Chauffeur/Media), Nedzad Kadic (Senior Chauffeur), Sue Diaz (Reservations), Jeff Netto (Owner).

Our team meets together to make sure that your experience with us is the best possible. Today we sat down at a cool place worth checking out in the Salt Lake Valley: El Rocoto Peruvian Restaurant. This award-winning location has friendly service and good food! They are located at 3904 West 3500 South, Suite B in Salt Lake.

Check out their website for more information: http://elrocoto.wix.com/home


An Update from VIP Limousine

Greetings from VIP Limousine HQ!

We’ve been undergoing some changes over the last while. As the market and business continue to evolve, we’ve been busy with some of the following items:

  • We have moved to a new warehouse location! Our prior location served our needs well, but we are now in a new building closer to the Salt Lake City International Airport. Please give us a call if you would like to have a look at any of our vehicles for booking!
  • We have begun expanding our social media presence. In this day and age of online presence, it is time for us to make a move. So we have! You will find promotions and updates on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. So that you make sure you’re getting the right information and the right company, here’s what to look for:
  1. Facebook: search for “VIP Limousine.” You’ll know it’s the correct page because of our signature logo in the profile picture.
  2. Twitter: @VIPLimoSLC
  3. Instagram: @viplimousine801

Each of these portals has our website and contact information, too. Tell your friends!

  • Our fleet continues to run strong. We have new employees to keep them running at their best, everything from our black car service to our largest Hummer H2 stretch. We are also examining fleet upgrades to not only keep our costs in line, but also to provide our customers with superior service and vehicles. Like the airlines, we strive for a better travel experience and look to improve where possible.
  • We just concluded a very busy and successful operation of service for the Sundance Film Festival! Every year, producers, directors, actors, and movie buffs from around the world descend on the Wasatch Front and Wasatch Back to enjoy the latest and greatest of independent film. Some of these productions make it to the main screen at the large chains around the country. Because of the congestion, particularly in the resort town of Park City, clients gravitate towards our service to keep vehicles off the road and avoid hassles with parking.
  • Don’t miss our Valentine’s Day promotion this year! Be sure to check out our social media pages for more details on “Love is in the Limo.”
  • One of the ways we grow our base and attract clientele is from input from our customers! We love to have pictures and testimonials from our runs to share with the world, and you can help! Here’s how:
  1. Review us on Google Reviews. We take the feedback from these very seriously, both the good and the bad. We want to know about your experience with us, and so will other potential customers!
  2. We also take reviews and commentary on our Facebook page. Please take the time to share there too!
  3. Send us a message. With our new and improved online presence, we not only respond to the email inquiries and commentary, but also messages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • We want your pictures! If you had a great time at a birthday celebration, prom, or a night out on the town, let us see it! Pictures are a great way to represent the company, but also what you did on your day or night out. If you are willing to provide us pictures, which will go on Google, this blog, and our other social media outlets, please send them our way via email or Facebook. We’d be happy to share your good time!

Finally, please stay tuned on all of our channels for updates, including this blog. We look forward to providing you with the best service possible as well as a look into the VIP Limousine world. Thank you for your interest and your business!

Best regards,

The VIP Limousine team

Celebrate with VIP Limousine!

As a company, we chauffeur executive clients, corporate boards, promenade groups, and the like. We also love celebrating with you! Let us be a part of your special occasion. Book with us now by calling 801-288-9494 or visiting www.slclimo.com for details.

Have a birthday bash with our Hummer H2!
Have a birthday bash with our Hummer H2!
Inside our Sprinter limousine. Happy 16th birthday Molly!
Inside our Sprinter limousine. Happy 16th birthday Molly!
"Just wanted to say thanks for a great time. You provided excellent service for my daughter Molly’s sixteenth birthday surprise. A good time was had by all." -Amy J.
“Just wanted to say thanks for a great time. You provided excellent service for my daughter Molly’s sixteenth birthday surprise. A good time was had by all.” -Amy J.

Prom season is underway!

Ride in style with our Escalade limousine!
Ride in style with our Escalade limousine!

With prom season underway, our chauffeurs are out and about in our limousines taking passengers around in style! Book with us today for your special event and receive VIP treatment in one of our vehicles. Call 801-288-9494 or visit us online at www.slclimo.com.

Customer testimonials from this past weekend:

“Thank you so much Jake [one of our chauffeurs]! The limo was better than we even expected and we all thought you did amazing! Thanks for treating us like royalty, it was a great experience. If we ever need a limo in the future or if anyone I know needs one I’ll definitely suggest your company.”

“My son and his prom group of 6 couples rented a 2015 Mercedes limo last Saturday night. Philip was the driver and he was outstanding. He was on time and respectful of the entire group, but also had a lot of fun with them. He set clear limits, but was kind and funny. The prom group had a great time! There was extra time at the end of the night (towards our 5 hour limit) and he drove them around so that they had a wonderful ending to the evening. We would definitely rent from [VIP Limousine] again.”

"Thanks! It was so much fun!" -Bridger P. after an evening in our new Sprinter limousine
“Thanks! It was so much fun!” -Bridger P. after an evening in our new Sprinter limousine

Our BRAND NEW 2015 Mercedes Party Buses have Arrived!

Now that we have TWO new party buses added to our arsenal, you are able to choose the ride that accommodates your needs. If you ever felt confined within the small spaces of regular limousines, then the Sprinter is the choice for you! With 6½ feet of vertical space, feel free to move around with ease.

Sprinter Exterior Sprinter Full Interior
Sprinter Seating Sprinter Service Bar

Our Sprinter comes with black Bentley stitched J-styled seats that further adds to the aesthetics of our limo. So not only will you be able to ride in comfort, but also in style.

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