Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah: Our Home, Part 1

Greetings from VIP Limousine!

As spring starts to come into view with the ski season slowing down and the white peaks turning brown and green, we wanted to take some time to talk about our hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. We might be biased, but it’s definitely a unique and beautiful place. Today we want to focus on the downtown area, specifically the most famous part of the city.

The picture above was taken at Temple Square, the center of Salt Lake City. It’s not as tall as One World Trade Center, the Sears Tower, or The Shard; it doesn’t tower over everything around it like the Eiffel Tower or the CN Tower; and it’s not as old as Petra or the Pyramids of Giza. And that is perfectly okay. It’s majestic in its own right, with manicured grounds and beautiful architecture.

At the center of it all is the Salt Lake Temple, the multi-spired majestic namesake structure which dominates the square itself. While access to the interior of the Salt Lake Temple is limited to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints whom are worthy to attend, the grounds and tours of the temple are open to all whenever the gates are unlocked. There are a slew of information displays and two visitor centers providing even more information on the grounds of Temple Square itself.

Adjacent to the Salt Lake Temple is the Tabernacle, a building constructed for meetings and musical performances, primarily by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The 360-person ensemble performs here every week, and broadcasts music live around the world, with the backing of an orchestra and massive organ. The building was erected by an expert in bridge construction, allowing for the span without any central columns. What it also did was create a space with essentially perfect acoustics. Don’t miss the pin drop at the start of each performance!

There is one building constructed from leftovers on Temple Square, and that is Assembly Hall. It’s a multipurpose building with an organ and space for a small concert and religious meetings. While often overlooked, it is worth checking out if you take a visit there.

Temple Square is also near some more administrative and historical centers for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but it is also home to another historical building: The Joseph Smith Memorial Building, formerly known as Hotel Utah. It’s a multi-purpose facility like Assembly Hall, but it serves as more of a venue than a meetinghouse. The JSMB has meeting rooms, offices, beautiful open public space, and restaurant options including The Nauvoo Cafe, The Garden Restaurant, and The Roof Restaurant, a Best of State award-winning establishment with a stunning view across the city. That they are all within one block, let alone one building, is just one example of the accessibility of the many surprises and great elements of Salt Lake City.

We at VIP Limousine are familiar with Temple Square, not only because we live around here, but also because we take our clients there! The area is perfect for prom nights, music events, or a night out in one of the cleanest cities in the world. We love our hometown, and would love to help show it to you, whether you live here or are visiting from outside of the area. Give us a call to take you to Temple Square, and you will experience VIP treatment and the spirit of Salt Lake City.

We will continue to do profiling on our home, so stay tuned for more!

New Video! VIP Limousine Presents: Prom on a Budget

VIP Limousine presents: Prom on a Budget

We teamed up with Brianna Platt of Antique Limo of Utah to create this guide to prom! Be sure to check out The DI and other local and national businesses for fun and inexpensive ideas!

The limousine featured in the video is one of our own, a Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine. This is the definitive classic, with seating for up to 10 passengers, a wet bar, fiber optic lighting, a stereo, DVD player, and tinted windows for VIP treatment without breaking the bank.

Going local: Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana


At VIP Limousine, one thing we love to do is go out and see what Salt Lake City has to offer. Today, we’re exploring one of our favorite food options.

Settebello, a delicious genuine Italian pizzeria, was just named the best pizza place in the state of Utah, according to an article in our local newspaper, The Deseret News. The establishment uses wood-fired ovens and classic recipes, and features a gelateria next door to continue your culinary journey. Read more about the restaurant and its history here.

From the pizzeria to the playhouse, from a birthday to THE big day, book with VIP Limousine to make your experience one to remember.

Testimonial Tuesday: The Jacket

Thank You from Rachael Barker

We love to hear back from our clients! This one speaks for itself. Rachael was kind enough to make it personal and thoughtful.

At VIP Limousine, our commitment to our clients is VIP treatment from start to finish, and it’s not finished until all of our clients…and their belongings…are back where they should be. Customer service is a big part of that commitment, and we look to honor it every day and in every way.

Weekend Update: April 8th, 2017

Greetings from VIP Limousine management!

We’re coming off of yet another busy weekend, when all of our limousines and chauffeurs were on duty non-stop. We picked up a variety of people at the airport, including some who were delayed five hours. As long as they don’t cancel, we take them all!

The image above is from a quinceañera we did this last weekend with our white Hummer H2. The group had a ton of fun, and not just with the pictures! This vehicle has space for up to 20 people inside, and they are swathed in leather, carpeting, and metal on the inside, with custom effects for a unique experience.

Another one of our clients celebrated a birthday in our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter limousine. They spent their day cocooned in its luxurious interior, with Bentley-style quilted stitching on the leather seats, televisions with DVD capability, and privacy shades on each of the windows.

Then our Escalade traveled with a wedding party down to the beautiful Wadley Farms, a gorgeous wedding venue in Lindon, Utah. Featuring a rustic set of barns as well as a towering castle and lush gardens, Wadley Farms makes a stunning location for the biggest of the big days.

In addition to these, we had a birthday in Park City in the Hummer, a corporate event, a prom run, and an airport arrival which came in five hours late, in addition to one which was last-minute. Our chauffeurs patiently waited to take each party and tracked the flights to make sure we were running efficiently and on time. Snowstorms and delayed flights don’t stop us.

We’ll have more updates coming later this week. Stay tuned!

Birthday Bash

VIP Limousine Birthday 2

One of our favorite events at VIP Limousine is celebrations of big life events. This week, it’s a birthday! We love chauffeuring these fun groups celebrating a special day in someone’s life. It’s safe and stylish, and in one of our limousines you get to lord over everyone else on the road.

Our black Hummer limousine is great for VIP treatment, with wraparound ostrich-print black leather seats, a Bose audio system with CD and auxiliary input, televisions with a DVD player, a full limousine bar with champagne flutes and rock glasses, and full automatic climate controls for maximum comfort.

Come check out our fleet at our warehouse! Book now at 801-288-9494. And a happy birthday to our valued clients! Thanks for making our day great.

Testimonial Tuesday: Returning Missionaries

SLC Airport Logo

“We had a wonderful experience with VIP Limousine. We were needing their service to get to and from the SLC airport to pick some family members who were returning from a LDS mission. We provided the flight information with the professionals at VIP Limousine and they took take of the rest. They contacted us earlier than we had originally planned due to the flight coming in was about thirty minutes early. They arrived early and got us out to the airport just on time. Had VIP not been on top of their game our family members returning from their mission would have been waiting around for us. Overall we had a wonderful experience with VIP Limousine.”
-Nicholas, Google

Usanaty, or: How VIP Limousine does corporate events

VIP Limousine Van Convoy

At VIP Limousine, we go out of our way to accommodate the needs of our clients. This includes the corporations. For this week, it was a locally-based health and wellness company, USANA.

At least once every year, USANA has meetings and leadership retreats here in Utah. For this particular event, their guests stayed at The Grand Summit Hotel in the Canyons Village at Park City Mountain Resort. Everything began in earnest on Wednesday, checking all airport permits and readying new chauffeurs for the expanded service. We refer to this event on our end as “USANAty,” since it is a very busy time!

Early on Thursday morning, the first of the USANA guests began to arrive at Salt Lake City International Airport, mere minutes from the downtown core of Salt Lake City. Before the first passengers arrived, we had chauffeurs stationed at the airport with SUVs and dispatch on standby for flight changes. We also set up a meet-and-greet system with our management team and maintained drivers on the airport site in case of an unexpected problem.

As it happened, with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints having the spring sessions of General Conference, the airport was beefed up with extra security, resulting in some very rare delays at the airport. However, we stood by to accommodate whichever USANA passengers came our way, even combining some trips, which saved USANA some transportation costs. Even with some delayed flights, we took everyone from the airport up to Park City without a hitch. Our chauffeurs really knew how to step it up and anticipate forthcoming needs.

For transportation the following day to the USANA headquarters, we gave them a special treat: rides in our limousine fleet. We deployed our options from Hummer, Cadillac, and Mercedes-Benz to give VIP treatment to every participant in the retreat. We utilized these vehicles plus additional vans where needed to move everyone from the Grand Summit Hotel to USANA headquarters and back again, navigating the twisting route of Interstate 80 through the canyon between the two locations.

While this was happening, we still had other reservations to take care of in limousines and black car service. Our chauffeurs successfully transported a family going on a special trip, a birthday party, and several prom groups in the midst of USANAty.

Saturday was another important day for the USANA event, with a special part of the program being dinner along the exclusive, charming, and unique Park City Main Street. We brought a convoy of vans, pictured above, to the Grand Summit Hotel to take the passengers to 350 Main, a chic American brasserie. In the middle of this scheduled trip, we received unexpected surprise news from one of our chauffeurs who encountered a traffic problem, so one of the chauffeurs in the van convoy took over the run the other was supposed to do. This is just one example of VIP Limousine doing what needs to be done to get our clients where they need to go, with no excuses. This chauffeur then rejoined the rest of the convoy back in Park City to complete the evening’s assignment.

On Sunday morning at 3 am, our chauffeurs who had the first trips of the day began to get ready, and brought vehicles back to the Grand Summit Hotel. Using a combination of vans, sedans, and SUVs, our team successfully transported all of the USANA guests back to SLC International Airport so they could make their individual flights to various destinations around the world. Again, these went without incident, with everyone and their luggage fitting with room to spare in our vehicles.

After USANAty, our team isn’t resting. The needs for transportation in the Salt Lake area continue to demand the best service, and we at VIP Limousine will work to continue to honor our commitment to VIP treatment for everyone at every level. Whether you have a corporate event, a special personal event, or simply need to get from A to B, we are here at the ready with professional service, a calm attitude, and a willingness to go beyond the call of necessity.

The Quinceañera Expo!

Greetings from the Riverbend Sports Complex!

We are coming to you today from the Quinceañera Magazine – Utah expo, a lively and colorful event full of fun and celebratory themes. The quinceañera is a very, very important cultural celebration for Latin American girls, marking the transition to womanhood and stretching back to around 550 B.C.

As the event sponsor, VIP Limousine arrived early in the day with two limousines to flank the main stage: the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Hummer H2. We had guests getting in and out of them all day long, checking out the luxurious and stylish interiors and modern exteriors. Additionally, several of the models as well as the emcee took pictures with the vehicles.

Quinceañera Magazine – Utah, as the host, set up the stage with a catwalk for several rounds of models, showing off some modern and some traditional styles of dresses for all of the girls. They also featured some young and skillful dancers set to the best possible music for a party: Latin.

One particularly incredible thing about this expo was the number of different companies featured here with their products and services. Here’s a list of some which are featured:

  • Joyeria Uribe
  • Sunny Day’s Cakes
  • Princess House
  • U-nique Floral
  • Ataly Stylo’s
  • Rumba Libre Band
  • Montenegro Events
  • Mi Ranchito
  • Complete Weddings and Events

Joyeria Uribe is a jewelry company based in West Valley City, Utah, specializing in traditional and celebratory jewelry fit for a quinceañera queen.

Sunny Day’s Cakes is an award-winning bakery based in Eagle Mountain, Utah. They have been featured on the show Cake Wars on Food Network and produce some delicious and unique desserts. The representatives on hand brought some amazing tiered cakes and cupcakes. Go give them a try! It’s worth the drive.

Princess House specializes in household items and cookware, geared towards individuals who like to host their own dinners and parties.

U-nique Floral is a local floral shop which specializes in flower arrangements for quinceañeras, weddings, funerals, and even hospital patients.

Ataly Stylo’s is a beauty and cosmetics shop located in Midvale which does a broad range of makeup, nails, and other products.

The Rumba Libre Band is a live, local band specializing in Latin music. According to their website, they perform in the styles of Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, and Latin Jazz. According to our ears at the Expo, they sounded great, since once the runway shows completed they entertained us for the remainder of the event.

The Montenegro Event Center is located in West Valley City, and is open for musical and private special events, including weddings, parties, and of course, quinceañeras.

Mi Ranchito Grill was the Mexican restaurant that helped provide food for the event. They have several locations across the Wasatch Front in Utah, including Salt Lake City and Orem, and have been here since 1983.

Complete Weddings and Events is a wedding package, DJ, and event planning company based in Salt Lake City. They also do photography, video, and other work by request. We had a chance to check out their awesome photo booth on display, too!

A great thing about these expos is they allow local companies to come together and showcase the best of what they have to offer. For important events, it is very helpful to know where you can turn for particular services, and furthermore to know that they will meet or exceed your expectations to make the day special. This is crucial in the quinceañera market. That’s why as one of these companies, VIP Limousine is committed to world class limousine service and providing VIP treatment from start to finish.

Be sure to check back for our next blog post!

-Team VIP

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