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It's not a new company, but it IS a new web experience! Welcome to the new online world of VIP Limousine. Why wait to be #drivenbetter?
It’s not a new company, but it IS a new web experience! Welcome to the new online world of VIP Limousine. Why wait to be #drivenbetter?

At VIP Limousine, we are always looking for ways to innovate and provide superior service. This has been a hallmark of our service since our founding in 1989. However, for a long time, there is one part of the company that has lagged behind this: our website.

We will willingly admit that while our website was simple, it looked like it was from the 17th century. Antiquated at best, it was chock full of inconsistent text, misspellings, old information, nonexistent vehicles, inaccurate information…we could go on. It’s the sort of content one would expect from an amateur who owned a company that closed down ten years ago.

Not anymore. With the help of our programmer, we have been able to rebuild a new website from top to bottom, and while it does have some teething troubles and some further tweaks are required, it’s officially launched.

Upon entering VIP Limousine’s webpage, users will first be greeted with a completely new look. Gone are the ancient fonts of yesteryear, the clunky static watermark, and plain yet oddly jarring color scheme of black, white, and gray. It’s been replaced with welcoming, easy-to-read custom fonts, a new menu bar, and soothing colors which indicate different functions across the entire site. Pulsating gently between images across the top is the new marque, showcasing our fleet. Above this are various links to see our social media profiles and contact our office, as well as the company name with the updated slogan. Near the bottom includes a list of areas and cities we service.

Clicking on the “Fleet” tab reveals the various fleet options and the available colors for each option, including our limousines and black cars. If one then clicks on “More Info” on any vehicle option, they are directed to a new page with both interior and exterior pictures, as well as useful details and descriptions. The information provided includes passenger capacity, special features, interior details, and any applicable service add-ons. Our limos, as well as our black cars, have characteristics worth highlighting so that you know what will be featured in each one. There is a tab to scroll through pictures of the vehicle.

The “Services” tab highlights VIP Limousine’s specialties, better known as what kinds of service and itineraries we do. It is constantly expanding, so if there’s something you don’t see, check back or contact our office.

The “FAQ” tab has a listing of some basic questions which are important to limousine and livery companies. Safety is the #1 priority for our clients, so we want to make sure that everybody is properly informed before deciding to book with us or any other transportation company.

Next door is the “Blog” tab, which links straight to this page containing useful information, company updates, and day-to-day activities of our staff and chauffeurs.

The “Contact” tab lists our office contact information and the best ways to get ahold of us, including our email address and office phone number.

Finally, the last tab is “Reserve Now.” This links directly to our reservation software system so clients can request a quote and/or make a reservation electronically without the need to call our office. Everything that comes through here is answered in less than 24 hours, and we will contact clients if there are any questions or details we need to know for best pricing and accurate reservations.

This year has marked the start of a new era for VIP Limousine, with staffing changes, increased standards for chauffeurs, the beginning of fleet upgrades, and now a new user experience for all of our clients. This is all a part of being driven better.

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