Midvale, Utah: Our Home, Part 21

Looking for signs of a Renaissance? See the center of the Salt Lake valley! Photo credit: simonwparsons.com
Looking for signs of a Renaissance? See the center of the Salt Lake valley! Photo credit: simonwparsons.com

While on our tour of the Salt Lake valley, we have mostly focused on the edges. However, to get to the other side, we have to go through the middle, and while we at VIP Limousine have written about some of this area, the true center is the formerly sleepy heart of Salt Lake County. This city on the rise is aptly named Midvale, and it is one of the surprises here in the state of Utah.

Some of the other locales, including Draper and Sandy, have experienced obviously explosive growth in recent years. Midvale, on the other hand, has mostly stayed under the radar, but has achieved no less significance in terms of changes over the years. Midvale’s beginnings center on agriculture and mining upon settlement of the Pioneers, with the center of growth developing around what is now Fort Union. This particular area is home to a wide variety of shops and businesses. It also shares a portion with Cottonwood Heights to the east and Sandy to the south. Midvale is also bordered by Murray and West Jordan.

Outside of Fort Union, there is also the historic downtown of Midvale. What was recently overlooked and underdeveloped is becoming a newly-thriving hub for mobility and business. Previously, the Old Town Center of Midvale had been booming with salons, saloons, theaters, and hotels, but it became overshadowed by growth in other areas. Now, though, it is experiencing something of a renaissance, with a beautiful city hall and other historical buildings being refinished and repurposed for use in the 21st century. These include the up-and-coming Midvale Theatre, which regularly puts on big-name productions for the community and is steadily becoming more popular in the arts scene across the Wasatch Front.

On the heels of these initial redevelopments in the old downtown of the city, Midvale is also attracting major business names to set up shop near the historic areas, which highlights some of the great contrasts in the area. None of these is more prevalent than near the I-15 and I-215 interchange and the Bingham Junction TRAX station on the Red Line. New hotels and shopping have arisen here, as well as the global headquarters of two major companies: CHG Healthcare and Overstock, with its stunning new Coliseum. Neither of these entities were spawned in Midvale, but they saw the opportunity to make a positive move and have become the center of exciting changes. Nearby neighboring company centers include those of Arctic Circle and Ally Bank.

As if further evidence was needed that Utah is a great place to make film, the city of Midvale has also played host to scenes and sequences from several films, including the Halloween series and The Sandlot. The old-fashioned facades in Old Town, the mountainous backdrop, and the quiet residential areas are all conducive to good movie-making.

Except during the filming of a horror movie, Midvale’s streets are typically fairly quiet, since much of it is indeed residential. The 1990s saw the vast majority of Midvale’s population growth, but as the old downtown redevelops, more residences have been added in recent years, especially around the Bingham Junction station. These homes have what could be argued to be some of the best views from the valley floor without requiring a high-rise facility.

Midvale has also born and bred some notable residents over the years. Local actor Corbin Allred has starred in a variety of big-screen films with talent such as Natalie Portman, and he has also appeared in multiple LDS Church videos. Don L. Lind went on to serve as an astronaut for NASA after graduating from the University of Utah and UC-Berkeley.

While we at VIP Limousine have much love for our hometown area, the respect we have for city of Midvale, and its growth and change, is strong. It’s a community which we love greatly and enjoy serving.

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