Hello, Utah County!

As we continue to make changes here at VIP Limousine, one of the things we like to do is find new and better ways to serve our current loyal and new clients. So we are boldly making a move down south to Utah County!

In fact, we’re opening up a branch specifically for service inside of Utah County, with special pricing for the area that differs from our Salt Lake-based offerings. It’s the same superior experience you expect from VIP Limousine, but with new more affordable options for Provo, Orem, Lehi, Alpine, American Fork, Lindon, and other cities to the south of the Salt Lake valley.

When any service has to go out of its way from where it is primarily based, it is going to be more expensive for both the provider and the client, regardless of the industry type, which makes it more difficult to access.

However, with our loyal clientele already down in Utah County, we want to make our elite black car and limousine services more accessible for more people. It’s a growing area served by an airport with commercial flights to Phoenix and Los Angeles, increasing street traffic and more limited parking, and a young, bright, and motivated populace.

In celebration of this new venture and in recognition of the area that is Utah County, we will be starting a new blog series about the cities and businesses there. It’s an extension of our home, in which we are very proud to serve and also enjoy as visitors and Utah citizens. Follow along with our journey as we continue to explore our home state.

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