Going Local: Sawadee

Just east of downtown Salt Lake City, Sawadee's atmosphere delights the senses at every turn.
Just east of downtown Salt Lake City, Sawadee’s atmosphere delights the senses at every turn.

We at VIP Limousine pay very close attention to the food scene in Salt Lake City, and are always on the lookout for the best offered in the area. One of these places sits along South Temple, tucked amongst the older homes and high-rises; it is run by a Thai chef and serves arguably the best Thai food in downtown, according to The Deseret News. That place is Sawadee, and it’s a delight.

The first sign that Sawadee is a good place is that it is busy. And by busy, we mean ALWAYS busy! It’s often tough to find a parking spot or a table on a Friday or a Saturday, because the demand is so great for their authentic menu and friendly service, so it’s definitely worth calling and making a reservation. They do also have an efficient take-out service, which is great for having a night in.

For access, the restaurant is located along the Utah Transity Authority‘s bus Route 209 and is a distant walk from the TRAX Red Line.

Stepping into Sawadee, guests are immediately surrounded by authentic Thai decor, including a large gong, beautiful drawings, and hand-crafted clothing and wooden art. Many of the staff are actually from Thailand, so if you speak it, definitely get your practice in! Guests are seated quickly regardless of how busy the dining area is; there is also the option to sit outside and enjoy Utah’s warmer weather.

The menu is bursting with classics, including several types of spring rolls, curries, Pad Thai, salads, and vegetarian dishes. Just about anything on it can be customized to taste. Some of our favorite dishes include the Pad Thai, yellow curry, and the beef waterfall salad. Sawadee also features some delicious desserts, including mango with sticky rice.

Sawadee’s portions are quite generous, which is perfect for sharing around the table as well as bringing back home for leftovers, a reminder of just how good it was. Many of the menu items are family-style, too, so there’s nothing to complain about with quantity, let alone quality.

Consistent, clean, charming, charismatic, and chock-full of goodness, we at VIP Limousine definitely recommend Sawadee for a quick trip to Thailand without buying a plane ticket.

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