Going Local: Doug Wright

Yes, we know it's just semi-retirement, but the voice of Utah will be dearly missed. Photo credit: Stitcher.com
Yes, we know it’s just semi-retirement, but the voice of Utah will be dearly missed. Photo credit: Stitcher.com

As consumers, users, and purveyors of local Utah media, we at VIP Limousine are constantly trying to keep up to speed with what’s going on in our backyard, whether in our office, at home, or on the road. May 31st, the day of this writing, marked the final news broadcast of a local legend with whom we are greatly familiar on the airwaves.

Before this company even came into existence, Doug Wright was already in the broadcast business as a DJ, and then moved over to talk radio initially to fill in as a replacement. However, for many of us, he is best known as the host of his eponymous radio program, “The Doug Wright Show,” broadcast on weekdays on KSL NewsRadio. So, what will we miss as he heads into semi-retirement?

Creating and building relationships. Doug has had a way of leaping into action to break stories and disrupt whatever was planned when needed, with a calm and level-headed approach to asking questions and getting answers. In the service industry, we definitely know what it’s like to try and cultivate relationships, even with those who see things differently than we do, but we still feel we could learn a thing or two from this man. Doug has managed to get to know people everywhere across the state, from local citizenry that phone in with their opinions to the movers and shakers at the top of Utah and beyond. Some of these include (retiring) State Senate Minority Leader Jim Dabakis (D), (retiring) Speaker of the Utah State Legislature Greg Hughes (R), various Utah governors, former governor and presidential candidate and current Senate candidate Mitt Romney (R), Salt Lake City mayors such as Ralph Becker and Jackie Biskupski, and the individuals who work at various agencies getting Utah on the move such as UDOT. Doug can talk to all of them and hold a great, informative conversation which serves to enlighten everyone who tunes in.

Local business outreach. Doug regularly partners with and broadcasts from companies in our backyard, including Harvest Right, a manufacturer of home freeze driers; Minky Couture, producer of designer blankets for the home; My Hearing Centers, providers of advanced hearing aids; and Megaplex Theatres, the locally-run movie theatre company under the Larry H. Miller Group. As a local business ourselves, it is with great pleasure that we hear these local success stories promoted on a regular basis. Doug also does ads for Ruth’s Chris Steak House, American Loans, and Kinetico, to name just a few.

Focus on the citizens. A staple of Doug’s show was interacting with people from around Utah who would call in to share their perspective and input. He took the time to highlight what we were thinking on a local level, and politely interacting with every caller as if they were a neighbor. However, he also could get tough when needed, whether it was on an issue most everyone agreed on (the infamous proposed UTA name change to TDU) or one which was extraordinarily divisive (the Bears Ears Monument).

While we know that nine to noon will not be quite the same anymore on KSL, we do still get him for the Movie Show, which is definitely a favorite segment for its light-heartedness, hilarious banter, presence of local businesses, and honest takes on entertainment today.

As Dave Noriega and Debbie Dujanovic step up to the plate in his place, we as a local business want to say thank you to Doug for his years of hard work for all of us across the state of Utah. It’s been our privilege to tune in, and we hope he gets to spend his well-earned time off with the people he loves…and finish the bathroom in Eureka.

Note: all content and insights in this post have come courtesy of us actually listening to the show.

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