Going Local: Beaver Mountain

Looking up the beautiful slopes of Beaver Mountain. Photo credit: gephardtdaily.com
Looking up the beautiful slopes of Beaver Mountain. Photo credit: gephardtdaily.com

There’s nothing quite like continuing to run a family business, especially when that business spans decades. As many ski areas are run by conglomerates and corporations, we at VIP Limousine and Going Local like to point out those which have deep roots in the region with those who are in charge.

Several hours north of Salt Lake City lies the city of Logan, home to Utah State University in Cache Valley. The area is home to many local and home-grown businesses, and is far enough removed from the busy interstates and the capital to definitely feel separated. With that, it’s not too difficult to find more hidden gems in Utah. One of them is the petite, family-owned Beaver Mountain ski area, and it’s certainly a surprise. Located just off of Highway 89 on its way towards Bear Lake, you might almost miss it, but that would be a shame.

This no-frills mountain was started in the 1940s by a gentleman named Harold Seeholzer, who oversaw the resort’s initial beginnings and development, including its first chairlift in 1961. This old-school lift, Beaver’s Face, still operates to this day on weekends and holidays and is a significant part of Beaver Mountain’s charm: small, simple, old-fashioned, and thus elegant in its own right.

As time has passed, even the area’s 75th anniversary, the mountain stayed in the family even after Harold passed away. The Seeholzer family has gradually expanded the mountain over the years and completed upgrades to equipment and facilities. The summit can be reached by the updated Harry’s Dream triple lift, which came from Alta; Marge’s Triple opened up new terrain and came from Keystone; and the newest lift, Little Beaver, which was manufactured by SkyTrac in Salt Lake City, is home to the beginner area and night skiing, a rarity in the current skiing world. Today, Beaver Mountain spans 828 acres with a summit of 8,860 feet above sea level.

Every year in the summertime, the mountain hosts the Beaver Mountain Music Festival, a two-day event with multiple stages and a bike race on the mountainside. Beaver Mountain is also a summertime event venue, with their main lodge for rent for major events, as well as RV sites, tent camping, and yurts available for use. It’s truly a multipurpose place whose possible uses belie its supposed size.

One other unique touch about Beaver Mountain? They rely completely on Utah’s natural snowfall. There is no artificial stuff here whatsoever, even just to make a base. They want their guests to have the full Utah powder experience without anything added in to adulterate its purity.

It’s a ways out of the way for most who live or visit Utah, but that’s what makes Beaver Mountain truly a locals ski area. It’s a place filled with heart and a classic American winter atmosphere. As a local resort, it’s also Exhibit A of the American dream: building a business, keeping it going, staying unique, and building a great reputation.

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