Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs, Utah: Our Home, Part 30

There is a central corridor in Utah County surrounding I-15 which provides easy access to many cities, homes, and businesses, but there are also areas which are more isolated and off the beaten path. These Salt Lake City suburbs are important for many families which also call Utah their home, and with the changes in home prices and growth, these places are also growing. They’re also often beautiful and quiet, and we love serving clients in these further-flung places.

Hence today’s highlight: Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs, tucked over to the west of Lehi and the Silicon Slopes corridor. They are young and attracting a lot of residents from within and outside of Utah.

Any guesses as to which city we're in? Photo credit: wikipedia.org
Any guesses as to which city we’re in? Photo credit: wikipedia.org

Eagle Mountain was founded in 1996, and while not massive in terms of population, is already well above 20,000 residents. The seeming isolation doesn’t mean it’s not accessible to business, though; Facebook is bringing a data center to the city which will expand the presence of the tech corridor. In spite of all of the newness, Eagle Mountain does have some history in the area. Back in the 19th century, the Pony Express trail ran through the area, and there is also artwork from an ancient Native American tribe.

Eagle Mountain is also the city of parks, in part thanks to the open areas still present and the intelligent planning for the area. It has 4 regional parks and 35 smaller ones, for a grand total of 39 within the city limits. The city plans to develop more of them for local residents to continue enjoying time outdoors.

Getting to Eagle Mountain is a little more challenging than some of the other major centers in Utah County, but it’s still easily accessible, with multiple highways running into and towards the city with more under construction. The Utah Transit Authority also runs an express bus to the city from the FrontRunner.

A view of Mount Timpanogos from Saratoga Springs. Photo credit: flickr.com
A view of Mount Timpanogos from Saratoga Springs. Photo credit: flickr.com

Neighboring Saratoga Springs is similarly young, first incorporating in 1997. It’s also similar in size and has grown with similar rapidity, with over 20,000 residents and as a result a lot of new schools. Saratoga Springs does share its name with its namesake in upstate New York. Initial settlements in the 1880s came about because of a nearby natural hot springs which feeds into the Jordan River; this area has since been privately developed. The city itself consists of a somewhat narrow land strip along the coastal area of northwest Utah Lake, as well as stretching up north towards Camp Williams.

Residents and visitors to Saratoga Springs have easy access to the southern end of Salt Lake County as well as the Lehi-Silicon Slopes area, which makes it appealing for newcomers to Utah. There are several highways connecting with I-15, and Redwood Road also feeds north past Camp Williams and into the Riverton/Herriman area. The Utah Transit Authority also provides connecting bus service to parts of Saratoga Springs.

The city of Saratoga Springs also made headlines for one of its most significant residents, former mayor and current Congresswoman Mia Love, who got her start in politics after moving to Saratoga Springs. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Congresswoman Love has represented the 4th district, Utah’s newest, since 2014. Before this, however, she was part of a video campaign for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which has announced the construction of a new temple in Saratoga Springs.

These two suburbs of Salt Lake City are also considered suburbs of Provo and Orem, and are quickly growing in reputation and size. In the meantime, though, Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs offer a mixture of outdoor access and scenery as well as proximity to business and workplaces. It’s a treat for us at VIP Limousine to visit these communities.

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