Buyer Beware: Out-of-State Booking Companies

Today’s post is important for transportation consumers in Utah, whether it’s black car service for business or a limousine for prom. For the sake of economy, transparency, and legitimacy, using your local company is best for your wallet. We at VIP Limousine would like to explain why.

There are certain companies around the country, certainly, which are perfectly legitimate as booking agencies. This is in great part because they have industry experience and have a fleet where they are primarily based, and therefore have an established reputation. These companies include BLS, Empire CLS, Avalon Transportation, Elite Limo Plus, Carey Global, and Savoya. There are others as well, but these are some of the leaders.

If you’re not working with one of these or a travel agency, it’s best to book directly with a local company in your area, whether it be us or our competition. We have the chauffeurs and the fleet, and therefore the responsibility and liability.

Unfortunately, there are companies in various markets globally which masquerade as a local limo company but don’t have their own vehicles or chauffeurs. For better or for worse, we’ve had experience with this, and it never ends well. One such instance involved a crime ring based in Bellevue, Washington, which put up a booking website that was in the Utah market. The company would rent out other local providers’ limousines and rip off the passengers in pricing. They used sneaky tactics such as multiple phone numbers, stock photography, hidden keywords, and steep deposit charges. Sometimes, they even go so far as to steal credit card information of the clients they charge, creating havoc on all levels.

None of these are acceptable practices. We believe that consumers of chauffeured transportation should be able to use a legitimate local service at a competitive price. It’s important to do research on a company before you decide to do business with them. How are their reviews, and are they legitimate? Do they have presence on social media platforms and different apps? Is their staff knowledgeable of the service area and addresses? Is the company properly licensed and insured?

There are many other questions, but ultimately it boils down to this: make sure you are doing business with a legitimate company. This way, you will be able to get the best value for the money and support those who want to do things right.

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