Chrysler 300C Stock Photo

Black Car Service by VIP Limousine

Here at VIP Limousine, we offer a variety of services tailored to your individual transportation needs.

Today we want to discuss our black car service by first introducing a new vehicle to the fleet! Check out the link below:

New Chrysler 300C

Our online content manager and fleet consultant introduces the newest member of VIP Limousine: the Chrysler 300C sedan, now available for black car service.

What is Black Car Service?
Black car service is a type of private, scheduled, and swift transportation:

  • Sedan or SUV service depending on passenger demands
  • Discreet vehicle appearance with amenities for comfort and convenience
  • Perfect for getting from A to B or with multiple stops

From the Sundance Film Festival to skiing, from the airport to the arena, our black car service is available for all different types of trips and all different kinds of clientele.

Book with us for world class treatment at our website or by calling 801-288-9494. As always, thank you for choosing VIP Limousine.

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