American Fork, Utah: Our Home, Part 29

Much of the work and play in Utah County centers on the larger cities. Some of these are not as big as their Salt Lake County counterparts, however they are no less significant to the economy and the culture of the area and are outgrowing the “bedroom community” status. Central to much of the Utah County population is the city of American Fork, and as the name says, it’s at a crossroads for a lot of local residents.

Like many of the neighboring cities and towns up and down the Wasatch, American Fork was settled by the Pioneers around the 1850s; the current name was not utilized until 1860. Starting very small with a protective fort, the population of American Fork was relatively stagnant until the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21 century, now approaching 30,000 residents.

The stunning Mount Timpanogos Temple, with the namesake mountain in the background. Photo credit:
The stunning Mount Timpanogos Temple, with the namesake mountain in the background. Photo credit:

The citizens of this centralized suburb get to enjoy a great deal of natural, as well as some man-made, beauty. American Fork is home to the Mount Timpanogos Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, one of the most popular temples in Utah for its design and location. In the backdrop is the stunning view of Mount Timpanogos itself, one of the most popular hiking destinations in north-central Utah which is worth setting aside a day. The Sundance ski resort sits on the base of the other side. American Fork also has a canyon bearing its name, which stretches up towards the back of Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort.

American Fork is also home to some historically-important individuals in Utah. Congresswoman Mia Love, professional dancer Witney Carson, current Governor Gary Herbert, and author Brandon Sanderson are all from there, and play major roles in governance and entertainment. James LeVoy Sorenson, once the wealthiest man in Utah who donated his entire fortune upon his death, was also an American Fork resident, and he is credited with a litany of inventions in the field of medicine, with 5 dozen patents to his name.

With a thriving population, American Fork is also home to quite a few impactful businesses. DOMO, Henry Schein, Myler Disability, Fidelity Investments, and Young Living all have offices or headquarters within the city limits.

Getting to American Fork to visit its beauty, people, and businesses is very simple. The city straddles I-15 as it runs between Idaho and Arizona/Nevada. It also has a dedicated stop on the Utah Transit Authority’s FrontRunner commuter train, providing easy access on its route between Ogden and Provo.

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