A Superior Change

Standard offerings for livery vehicles have been in place for a very long time. The Lincoln Town Car sedan dominated black car service for years and years, with its spacious cabin, smooth engine, and classic look. Chevrolet stepped in with an upgraded Suburban, ditching the cheap plastics and panel gaps to go for a cleaner, more professional look while still maintaining four-season capability. But then Lincoln axed the Town Car after a 30 year run, and the Suburban is starting to show its age.

At VIP Limousine, we love a good challenge, but upgrading vehicles can be difficult when the market changes. The uncertainty is further heightened when getting closer to the end of a design’s lifespan, as we want our clients to ride in up-to-date style, whether they live in Salt Lake City, somewhere else in Utah, or are coming from the outside.

Our resident car guru, Philip Keeve, conducted a plethora of research in order to make the right choice, whether it was a Suburban or something else, to start a series of fleet upgrades. Ultimately we made a decision with his guidance which sets a new trend in Utah’s SUV livery service.

VIP Limousine now proudly chauffeurs clients in the Ford Expedition Max.

LED lighting galore! The business end of the Ford Expedition Max.
LED lighting galore! The business end of the Ford Expedition Max.

In the past, Ford’s full-size SUV options have trailed the competition. They’ve been plenty big, but they were not quite up to the quality and refinement standards expected for livery service. The new Expedition Max, though, is a game-changing vehicle, which is why we chose it over the offerings from General Motors.

As cabins go, Ford has this one nailed with a balance of form and function. Highlighting the space are real chrome and wood trim pieces, coupled with soft-touch plastics and knurled knobs. The interior space is superior in all three rows of seating, with good visibility all around and easy access, even to the very back. At VIP Limousine, our focus is always on the rear rows of passengers, and the Expedition Max has a lot of legroom, easily accommodating tall passengers. The second row can recline and slide back and forth easily, and the third row has an electric recline, as well as a flat floor for better legroom and seating position. Automatic climate control and USB charging ports are in place for all of the rear rows for maintenance of comfort and extended life of peripherals; the second row also has a 110V power outlet and a standard cigarette lighter-style plug-in. A plethora of cupholders ensures that occupants stay well-hydrated at all times, with at least one for each seating position. The stereo system is by Bang & Olufsen and kicks out amazing sound, while thicker glass and extra sound deadening mean that passengers hear more of what’s inside the cabin and almost nothing outside.

The Expedition Max spec’d out for VIP Limousine is jet black with a lot of chrome accents, making it stand out on the road. LED exterior lighting looks sharp and classy, without being overwrought. The vehicle may also have 22″ wheels, putting the Cadillac Escalade to shame.

The quiet standout on the street.
The quiet standout on the street.

So, how does it drive? In spite of those big wheels, the ride is comfortable but controlled, which keeps passengers from being tossed about and still providing a comfortable experience. Ford has the EcoBoost powertrain under the hood of the Expedition Max, so the engine’s muted growl is the only indication that it is whisking the vehicle along at a smooth and steady clip. With more power and better fuel economy than GM’s standard V8, the Expedition Max is the best it gets for a big SUV.

In case one has a lot of luggage to carry, the VIP Limousine Expedition Max has more than enough space. The seats are endlessly configurable to best balance people and cargo, and the cubic footage is enormous. Extra storage bins add up to even more space inside. Ours is also equipped with a trailer hitch in case of even more luggage, enabling use of the luggage trailer.

VIP Limousine’s new full-size SUV offering is the best in Utah, balancing style and comfort and standing out on the street. We look forward to chauffeuring clients for years to come in this type of vehicle, and we’re proud to be members of the Ford family. A very special thanks to Performance Ford in Tooele for helping us obtain our class-leading SUV!

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