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Greetings to all who read our blog!

Generally, this has been composed as a representation of the company itself in the third person or referring to the team as “we.” This one is a bit different, because I’m going to speak for myself.

My name is Philip Keeve. Some call me Phil, but in business I go by Philip. I’m a native of Liberty Lake, a small town near the Idaho border in Washington state. I play cello on the side, I am a politics, news, and travel junkie, I ski more than is probably reasonable, and I love transportation; specifically, planes, trains, and automobiles. Mobility is a passion of mine. I graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, just outside of Chicago. After my time there, I high-tailed to Salt Lake City for mountains and opportunity. I’m currently in graduate school at the University of Utah and have the distinct pleasure of serving with this company as the assistant manager.

Yours Truly pictured here. Photo credit: CJ Strong
Yours Truly pictured here. Photo credit: CJ Strong

It has now been one year since I was drafted into management at VIP Limousine. I didn’t think I would be involved in transportation, let alone the private sector or small business, when I moved to Salt Lake City. But now, four years after making Utah my full-time home, here I am.

You might ask why I’m writing this particular posting. Shouldn’t the blog be strictly about the company? Rest assured, it still is. I want to take time to reflect on the ride that has been the last year or so.

Rewinding to the end of January 2017, around the time of the update post from El Rocoto, and we had all the makings of a business that needed a revamp. While we have continued to have some solid fundamentals, we had an antique website, no management of marketing or social media, a mishmash of vehicles that needed some TLC, out-of-touch pricing and costs, and a management system that wasn’t working.

I’m not going to claim complete progress or complete perfection. That’s not realistic. We at VIP Limousine have a lot of goals still on the table, but we have established ourselves once again as Utah’s favorite black car and limousine service, with 5 stars on Facebook, 4.8 stars on Google, and 5 stars on Yelp.

Our office manager works long hours to properly dispatch and take reservations. I have made ourselves known online and gotten everything shipshape, as well as overseen all of the vehicles. Our programmer has constructed a shiny new website for us. Our chauffeurs keep striving to offer the best service around while simultaneously looking to up their game.

The collapse of All Resort Group brought us a fresh crop of great chauffeurs and a wonderful set of new clients, whose needs we have been able to meet or exceed. We have beautiful pictures and regularly-functioning social media accounts. Our videographer has helped us create funny ads for our services (including the one below for Valentine’s Day 2018). Every member of our team interacts with potential or current clients through a variety of media in a timely manner.

Essentially, we have come together and built up. And not only am I far from done, we as a whole are not done either.

As our clients deserve the very best, whether a long-time regular or a first-time booking, we are constantly looking at possible improvements to our services, our fleet, and our team. That definitely includes my own self, as I seek ways to continually tweak what I do, the example I set, and lead effectively.

None of it, however, is possible without our team of chauffeurs and our clients in Utah and from around the world. We have decades of combined experience behind our steering wheels, and we work with a wide variety of affiliates, including but not limited to Elite Limousine Plus, LTS Nationwide, STS Limousine, Crown Limo, Motor City Limousine, and BLS Limousine.

With our increasingly-wide network of clients and affiliates, strong service, and attention to detail, I’m proud to be a part of a company that is Driven. Better.

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