Buyer Beware: Out-of-State Booking Companies

Today’s post is important for transportation consumers in Utah, whether it’s black car service for business or a limousine for prom. For the sake of economy, transparency, and legitimacy, using your local company is best for your wallet. We at VIP Limousine would like to explain why.

There are certain companies around the country, certainly, which are perfectly legitimate as booking agencies. This is in great part because they have industry experience and have a fleet where they are primarily based, and therefore have an established reputation. These companies include BLS, Empire CLS, Avalon Transportation, Elite Limo Plus, Carey Global, and Savoya. There are others as well, but these are some of the leaders.

If you’re not working with one of these or a travel agency, it’s best to book directly with a local company in your area, whether it be us or our competition. We have the chauffeurs and the fleet, and therefore the responsibility and liability.

Unfortunately, there are companies in various markets globally which masquerade as a local limo company but don’t have their own vehicles or chauffeurs. For better or for worse, we’ve had experience with this, and it never ends well. One such instance involved a crime ring based in Bellevue, Washington, which put up a booking website that was in the Utah market. The company would rent out other local providers’ limousines and rip off the passengers in pricing. They used sneaky tactics such as multiple phone numbers, stock photography, hidden keywords, and steep deposit charges. Sometimes, they even go so far as to steal credit card information of the clients they charge, creating havoc on all levels.

None of these are acceptable practices. We believe that consumers of chauffeured transportation should be able to use a legitimate local service at a competitive price. It’s important to do research on a company before you decide to do business with them. How are their reviews, and are they legitimate? Do they have presence on social media platforms and different apps? Is their staff knowledgeable of the service area and addresses? Is the company properly licensed and insured?

There are many other questions, but ultimately it boils down to this: make sure you are doing business with a legitimate company. This way, you will be able to get the best value for the money and support those who want to do things right.

Sundance Film Festival 2019: Sheer BLS

Any followers of our social media may have noticed there has been some atypical silence. They may be wondering what’s going on, or fearing that there has been an issue.

Nothing could be further from the truth! We have been incredibly busy, coming off of a record month with a lot of sleepless nights as we worked around the clock. The Sundance Film Festival is always a busy time for livery services in Utah, but for us at VIP Limousine, we aim to perform above and beyond and rise to the occasion.

Even with an unexpected departure from our central office, the team here turned it up to 11, taking on more than we ever had before during this busy time. When our neighbors were struggling to cope, we helped pick up their pieces. And when one of the largest companies in the world came knocking, we executed their needs smoothly from start to finish.

It’s a great honor to be working alongside the great worldwide transportation powerhouse that is BLS Limo. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Atlanta, they manage the luxury mobility of some of the most important figures across the globe. From the Super Bowl to Sundance, they do it all, and it was an incredible privilege to take care of their needs and beyond here in Utah.

We're very grateful for the opportunity to work with BLS Limo! Photo credit:
We’re very grateful for the opportunity to work with BLS Limo! Photo credit:

With BLS as well as our other loyal and local clients, we had our vehicles going around the clock, whether back and forth between the airport and Park City or driving around between various locations at passenger beck and call. Our stretch limousines were also out and about at all hours, avoiding the worst of the traffic and scything through the snow. Bad weather does not slow us down, and our entire black car fleet is equipped with all-wheel drive, enabling legal and safe chauffeuring in all types of conditions.

A hallmark of the Sundance Film Festival is terrible traffic in Park City, with road closures, turn restrictions, extremely limited parking, and narrower street space than usual. Our SUVs and sedans have no problem navigating the melee, as our seasoned chauffeurs know the scene of Sundance well. Knowing where (and where not) to go is everything when dealing with a tight schedule and demands coming from all directions. This is particularly important when going between venues for screenings and other events which may or may not be a part of the festival itself. Park City is an outdoor playground, after all, and if the stars aim to take part in winter recreation, we’re all too happy to oblige getting them there.

Have a special request? You got it! Whether it’s a specific bottle of water, or even a bottle of oxygen for dealing with the altitude (let’s face it, we’re not at sea level here in Utah), our team can take care of specific requests a la carte or en masse. This includes making sure we have enough vehicles for our clients’ needs; however, we will also be honest if we are unable to accommodate. Overpromising and underdelivering is disingenuous and unacceptable to clients who pay good money for a luxury service. It burns bridges and creates frustration and chaos, instead of creating harmony and order. This is where VIP Limousine logistics play a big part in customer satisfaction; timeliness and showing up are basic. We look to always go beyond that.

How does a company go beyond? Honesty, integrity, professionalism, and value. These are at the core of what we do in transportation, and we are always looking to improve upon them. The Sundance Film Festival is an annual test of the limits of livery here in Utah, and VIP Limousine pushed through to new heights. We’re very excited for what the future holds in our 30th year in business! Stay tuned for more to come.

Skiing and Sundance

Wintertime is here in Utah! The ski resorts are buzzing, the snow is falling, and the sun is shining. It’s that time of year when Salt Lake City, Park City, and our team at VIP Limousine are all gearing up for interesting road conditions, a plethora of ski gear, and lots of traffic. However, we come prepared for all of your needs.

Our fleet undergoes a thorough process to ensure it is all up to snuff, from the operations and conditions of the interior fitments to the bodywork and mechanical fittings all around. Our late-model lineup of black car vehicles is ready to reliably take on the road around the clock. 100% of these are equipped with four- or all-wheel-drive to legally and safely make passage on all Utah roads, coupled with upgraded and new tires. Black leather interiors are given an extra polish and floor mats are changed out. We also fit roof racks and prepare our luggage trailer and other accessories in order for clients with more baggage than normal. Nobody wants to share their seat space with their skiing gear, and with VIP Limousine, there is no need.

What are your travel options with us? We have several available at the ready around the clock. First is our sedan, which will carry up to 3 passengers in comfort with a reasonable amount of luggage. With black leather captains chairs, contemporary wood and metal trim, and large windows, it’s a comfortable, classy, and serene ride from start to finish. There are also some pleasant surprises about our sedan option; namely, that it’s larger and more commodious than expected, and that it’s built by GMC.

The next step up is our full-size SUV option. We don’t use the short-wheelbase versions such as the Tahoe; for increased comfort and value, we use black leather-lined Chevrolet Suburbans. Each of these can carry up to 7 passengers with luggage, with two rows of bench seating and clear views out to the surrounding area.

At the pinnacle of our black car service, we have our luxury full-size SUV option. With even more space than the Suburban in all rows, coupled with LED lighting and some extra features, this is a standout way to move 7 people in great comfort. A panoramic roof adds to the headroom and viewing options.

What about a step above our elite black car service? Bring on the limousines! With the largest fleet of stretch and van limos in Utah and the surrounding region, we can accommodate a wide variety of needs and tastes, from classic to contemporary.

VIP Limousine is proud to own the newest and nicest Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine in the state. With shiny black paint, LED opera lighting, and a full black leather interior and lacquer wood wet bar, it has the classic appearance with all of the trimmings. Coupled with Lincoln’s signature air suspension and extra weight for a comfortable ride, and you’ll be sure to enjoy your night on the town or even simply from A to B. A large trunk and front storage area can carry a reasonable amount of luggage as well.

We are also uniquely positioned as the only limousine company with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter limo option. Crafted by Executive Coachbuilders, the Mercedes is the perfect party on wheels, with a high-powered stereo, programmable LED lighting, and high ceilings for easy movement about the cabin. With a trailer hitch to accommodate our enclosed luggage trailer, the Sprinter is a versatile way to move vacation cargo and passengers all at once.

Finally, we have our super stretch SUV limousines from Cadillac and Hummer. These are equipped for large groups and have unique interiors, along with heavy-duty tires for dealing with all sorts of road eventualities. Their presence is sure to earn the envy of all others on the roads.

Diversity and preparedness make VIP Limousine your one-stop shop for Sundance Film Festival and winter ski/snowboard vacation transportation. We handle the logistics and the roads; meanwhile, our passengers avoid parking struggles and traffic, instead traveling in style and safety.

Safety and Celebration

As winter approaches across the Wasatch Front, Park City, and the rest of Utah, we at VIP Limousine are particularly concerned about road safety. With news outlets such as KSL reporting on the high numbers of accidents from the first storm, it’s time to focus on the road. But what if you have other things to do?

This is where we come in. Our chauffeurs have extensive training and experience to deal with a variety of road and traffic conditions, especially as it pertains to Utah winters. We do the driving, and our clients sit back and relax. Furthermore, our black car service is 100% all-wheel-drive, ensuring that we can get you to or from anywhere you need to go. Our luxury vehicles come with triple-zone automatic climate control and power ports throughout.

As the preeminent provider of black car service in the Salt Lake area, we at VIP Limousine are also familiar with all of the local resort areas. We service everything from the small hills of Cherry Peak and Eagle Point all the way up to the premier destinations of Park City and Snowbird. The canyons, benches, and the floors of the valleys often get snowy and slippery, and we know the shortcuts and best routes to deal with all eventualities.

In addition to our elite black car service, VIP Limousine is the largest provider of stretch, Sprinter, and super stretch limousines in Utah. Even when the roads are bad, we are ready with upgraded tires and prepared chauffeurs. We drive slowly and carefully, as safety is our #1 priority. There’s also the matter of enjoyment of time in one of our limousines; a sedate, smooth cruise through the snowfall past Christmas lights and mountain peaks. We love giving light tours with a Thermos of hot chocolate and some Christmas music in the background. Temple Square? Hogle Zoo? This Is the Place? Thanksgiving Point? Private neighborhoods? You got it!

We also cater to the needs of company parties. Moving a large group of people is one thing, but doing so in a fun, stylish, and safe atmosphere is another entirely. Our limousines all come equipped with high-powered stereos, wrap-around leather seating, real metal trimmings, and lacquered wood trim (our Cadillac Escalade features carbon fiber). The super stretches also feature granite bar surfaces.

LED and fiber optic lighting pairs with stainless steel reflective ceilings to light up the night, while complimentary champagne flutes and highball glasses line the interior wet bars and ice chests throughout the cabin.

If you’re looking for a full-feature, one-stop-shop for all of your transportation needs, look no further than VIP Limousine in Salt Lake City.

Winter is coming! Treat your family to our limo service.

As the snow starts to fall in the mountains above Salt Lake City and up and down the Wasatch Mountains, Utah limousine service would seem to slow down. However, that’s not the case for VIP Limousine, as we become increasingly busier during this time of year. Snow does not slow down our vehicles, nor demand for a luxury night out! So what is it that we do in the wintertime?

One of the things that picks up is skiing; after all, we are in Utah, and snow comes regardless of the year. We provide luxury service to all resorts across the Wasatch and beyond, even up to Jackson Hole. For small groups or individuals, we have our elite black car sedan service; if you have a lot of luggage or more people, we also have our luxury SUVs.

This is VIP Limousine's very own GMC Acadia AWD. Stately and stylish, it is our new sedan standard.
This is VIP Limousine’s very own GMC Acadia AWD. Stately and stylish, it is our new sedan standard.

Elite black car service with VIP Limousine is the perfect way of getting to and from these locations or having a night on the town in luxury and discretion. Their sophisticated style still blends in and looks classy in all realms. Each vehicle is also equipped with all-wheel drive for sure-footedness in all weather conditions, as well as ensuring you arrive on time to your destination.

Utah's new standard in luxury full-size SUV transport is indeed the Ford Expedition Max. Larger and nicer than the competing vehicles from General Motors, look no further.
Utah’s new standard in luxury full-size SUV transport is indeed the Ford Expedition Max. Larger and nicer than the competing vehicles from General Motors, look no further.

On top of the black car service, we also have our stretch limousines going out and about. Our Lincoln, Mercedes, Cadillac, and Hummer go out for company parties, special holiday celebrations, light tours, as well as airport and skiing events. They carry more passengers and cargo in great style and comfort, with full leather interiors, opera lighting, and all the trimmings.

White as snow and classic as pie, the Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine is great for a night out.
White as snow and classic as pie, the Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine is great for a night out.

For our light tours, we do offer special packages available in our stretch limousines which reflect the winter months. These include the options of apple cider and hot chocolate, which are the perfect addition to a serene night out on the town gazing at lights and the snowfall.

See how black goes with snow-capped peaks? It's a classic pairing with the black Lincoln Town Car Executive stretch limousine.
See how black goes with snow-capped peaks? It’s a classic pairing with the black Lincoln Town Car Executive stretch limousine.

For groups of 8 or fewer, we have our classic white Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine, blending in with the snowy surroundings of a Utah winter. If you are looking to treat up to 10, we also have the option of the standard black Lincoln Town Car Executive stretch limo, the newest one in the state. Iconic design and rich trimmings surround passengers to create a relaxed atmosphere.

LED lighting highlights the imposing figure of luxury from Mercedes-Benz.
LED lighting highlights the imposing figure of luxury from Mercedes-Benz.

Snowflakes and stars can be close to the same thing, and for up to 14 passengers, our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter limousine is the three-pointed star of the snowstorm. With a glossy black paint finish and bright LED lighting, it exudes a luxurious presence. A wide doorway opens up to a leather-wrapped interior with a hardwood floor and brilliant LED and fiber-optic lighting. With easy access, this limousine is a party.

The shiny trim and black paint on our Hummer looks good year-round.
The shiny trim and black paint on our Hummer looks good year-round.

Finally, we also have our super-stretch limousines available, too. Cadillac, the ultimate American brand of bling, has a black Escalade in our fleet, with sharp styling and a two-tone leather interior complete with three wet bar sections and fiber lighting. It’s spacious and quiet, with chrome and carbon fiber trim for a modern look.

The ultimate bling machine from Cadillac is our black Escalade.
The ultimate bling machine from Cadillac is our black Escalade.

From the General Motors arsenal also comes the Hummers. Our black Hummer is imposing and capable, with flashy trim and bold style. The interior has two-tone leather surrounding a central wet bar, with fiber and LED lighting and a high-powered stereo. A dark limo tint keeps out prying eyes but lets the passengers take in an unobstructed view in private. The white Hummer is the length of a school bus, bigger than anything else on the road. The welcoming interior is spacious and trimmed with a unique beige leather, coupled with a starlit ceiling to light up any night.

As pure white as snow, our Hummer is sure to impress anywhere and anytime.
As pure white as snow, our Hummer is sure to impress anywhere and anytime.

Wherever you are headed or what for, we have the right limousine for you. Let the premier limo company in all of Utah make your wintertime special!

Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs, Utah: Our Home, Part 30

There is a central corridor in Utah County surrounding I-15 which provides easy access to many cities, homes, and businesses, but there are also areas which are more isolated and off the beaten path. These Salt Lake City suburbs are important for many families which also call Utah their home, and with the changes in home prices and growth, these places are also growing. They’re also often beautiful and quiet, and we love serving clients in these further-flung places.

Hence today’s highlight: Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs, tucked over to the west of Lehi and the Silicon Slopes corridor. They are young and attracting a lot of residents from within and outside of Utah.

Any guesses as to which city we're in? Photo credit:
Any guesses as to which city we’re in? Photo credit:

Eagle Mountain was founded in 1996, and while not massive in terms of population, is already well above 20,000 residents. The seeming isolation doesn’t mean it’s not accessible to business, though; Facebook is bringing a data center to the city which will expand the presence of the tech corridor. In spite of all of the newness, Eagle Mountain does have some history in the area. Back in the 19th century, the Pony Express trail ran through the area, and there is also artwork from an ancient Native American tribe.

Eagle Mountain is also the city of parks, in part thanks to the open areas still present and the intelligent planning for the area. It has 4 regional parks and 35 smaller ones, for a grand total of 39 within the city limits. The city plans to develop more of them for local residents to continue enjoying time outdoors.

Getting to Eagle Mountain is a little more challenging than some of the other major centers in Utah County, but it’s still easily accessible, with multiple highways running into and towards the city with more under construction. The Utah Transit Authority also runs an express bus to the city from the FrontRunner.

A view of Mount Timpanogos from Saratoga Springs. Photo credit:
A view of Mount Timpanogos from Saratoga Springs. Photo credit:

Neighboring Saratoga Springs is similarly young, first incorporating in 1997. It’s also similar in size and has grown with similar rapidity, with over 20,000 residents and as a result a lot of new schools. Saratoga Springs does share its name with its namesake in upstate New York. Initial settlements in the 1880s came about because of a nearby natural hot springs which feeds into the Jordan River; this area has since been privately developed. The city itself consists of a somewhat narrow land strip along the coastal area of northwest Utah Lake, as well as stretching up north towards Camp Williams.

Residents and visitors to Saratoga Springs have easy access to the southern end of Salt Lake County as well as the Lehi-Silicon Slopes area, which makes it appealing for newcomers to Utah. There are several highways connecting with I-15, and Redwood Road also feeds north past Camp Williams and into the Riverton/Herriman area. The Utah Transit Authority also provides connecting bus service to parts of Saratoga Springs.

The city of Saratoga Springs also made headlines for one of its most significant residents, former mayor and current Congresswoman Mia Love, who got her start in politics after moving to Saratoga Springs. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Congresswoman Love has represented the 4th district, Utah’s newest, since 2014. Before this, however, she was part of a video campaign for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which has announced the construction of a new temple in Saratoga Springs.

These two suburbs of Salt Lake City are also considered suburbs of Provo and Orem, and are quickly growing in reputation and size. In the meantime, though, Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs offer a mixture of outdoor access and scenery as well as proximity to business and workplaces. It’s a treat for us at VIP Limousine to visit these communities.

Upgrading your Luxury Sedan

Since near the genesis of the automobile, the sedan has been a staple on the streets. This style of vehicle is familiar across all social and geographical demographics worldwide, with an instantly-recognizable design and style. Its versatility, utility, and cost means that it has varied little for a long time, other than increasing in size and luxury.

This 1928 Cadillac 341 A Imperial sedan was one of the early luxury models actually referred to as a sedan.
This 1928 Cadillac 341 A Imperial sedan was one of the early luxury models actually referred to as a sedan.

Companies in the livery world long relied on the Lincoln Town Car sedan for moving VIP clients around the United States. Large, comfortable, and standardized, passengers knew exactly what to expect. While it didn’t have all of the features in the world, the Town Car was a reliable, classy vehicle with plenty of space to stretch out. But after 30 years, Lincoln’s parent company, Ford, put the platform out to pasture, leaving the market without a standard for livery service. While companies in Utah didn’t use the Town Car as much due to the terrain and winter driving conditions, we still recognized it as the standard.

It may no longer be in production, but the Lincoln Town Car sedan is instantly recognizable as a livery classic. For that matter, it still looks good.
It may no longer be in production, but the Lincoln Town Car sedan is instantly recognizable as a livery classic. For that matter, it still looks good.

These days, the sedan has gained more of a rarified air, but without a lot of gains in value. Lincoln more or less replaced the Town Car with the MKT, but this was nearly a decade ago and it has not changed much since. The Chrysler 300C is very traditional, but doesn’t quite have the headroom or interior ambiance for livery duty. Then there’s the Cadillac XTS, which is used frequently by our affiliates as well as by us. It’s large and luxurious, but we feel it could still be better, especially for the money. The vehicle to be seen in nowadays has a back window with a wiper and a large hatch for luggage, and we at VIP Limousine have therefore taken a different approach to our sedan service.

This is VIP Limousine's very own GMC Acadia AWD. Stately and stylish, it is our new sedan standard.
This is VIP Limousine’s very own GMC Acadia AWD. Stately and stylish, it is our new sedan standard.

Enter the GMC Acadia SUV crossover. In the same vein as the MKT, this crossover is spacious and practical, but we chose it because it is a superior vehicle. The style is classy and doesn’t shout, but is simultaneously not an anonymous design, with sparkling black paint, LED lighting, chrome trim, and clean lines.

Once one of our chauffeurs opens the door to the cabin, passengers are greeted with more LED lighting, soft black leather with contrast stitching, dark real wood trim, and real metal accents. The seats are heated captains chairs which have an adjustable backrest and lower cushion for increased recline and legroom, which is not something you typically find in a sedan. Because it’s a taller vehicle, it also has more headroom and a more natural step-in position.

Within easy reach of the passengers are USB charging ports, a 110V outlet, the heated seat switches, and automatic climate controls. Overhead is a retractable shade over the rear sunroof for additional light, and tinted windows ensure privacy. Behind the captains chairs are two additional seats if they are needed in a quick pinch, which most of the time serves as the commodious cargo area.

Our Acadia has a few other notable features. The hushed interior also has active noise-canceling microphones hidden in the ceiling to further tone down any ambient noise. Power comes from a strong V6 engine that bests the power output from the MKT and the Town Car, great for passing others on the road, cruising at speed, or climbing the canyons around Salt Lake City. It also has all-wheel-drive for all types of road conditions, helpful during Utah’s snowy winters.

It is not a typical livery choice by industry standards, however the GMC Acadia is more than capable of meeting the needs of the discerning executive or other client visiting or living in Utah. Stylish, modern, and luxurious, we look forward to using it in the years to come. Client feedback has been extremely positive, as they love the room, features, and look of the vehicle; so do we! Take a ride and experience the VIP treatment in the fantastic GMC Acadia. Special thanks to our friends at Salt Lake Valley Buick and GMC for finding us a wonderful vehicle.

American Fork, Utah: Our Home, Part 29

Much of the work and play in Utah County centers on the larger cities. Some of these are not as big as their Salt Lake County counterparts, however they are no less significant to the economy and the culture of the area and are outgrowing the “bedroom community” status. Central to much of the Utah County population is the city of American Fork, and as the name says, it’s at a crossroads for a lot of local residents.

Like many of the neighboring cities and towns up and down the Wasatch, American Fork was settled by the Pioneers around the 1850s; the current name was not utilized until 1860. Starting very small with a protective fort, the population of American Fork was relatively stagnant until the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21 century, now approaching 30,000 residents.

The stunning Mount Timpanogos Temple, with the namesake mountain in the background. Photo credit:
The stunning Mount Timpanogos Temple, with the namesake mountain in the background. Photo credit:

The citizens of this centralized suburb get to enjoy a great deal of natural, as well as some man-made, beauty. American Fork is home to the Mount Timpanogos Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, one of the most popular temples in Utah for its design and location. In the backdrop is the stunning view of Mount Timpanogos itself, one of the most popular hiking destinations in north-central Utah which is worth setting aside a day. The Sundance ski resort sits on the base of the other side. American Fork also has a canyon bearing its name, which stretches up towards the back of Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort.

American Fork is also home to some historically-important individuals in Utah. Congresswoman Mia Love, professional dancer Witney Carson, current Governor Gary Herbert, and author Brandon Sanderson are all from there, and play major roles in governance and entertainment. James LeVoy Sorenson, once the wealthiest man in Utah who donated his entire fortune upon his death, was also an American Fork resident, and he is credited with a litany of inventions in the field of medicine, with 5 dozen patents to his name.

With a thriving population, American Fork is also home to quite a few impactful businesses. DOMO, Henry Schein, Myler Disability, Fidelity Investments, and Young Living all have offices or headquarters within the city limits.

Getting to American Fork to visit its beauty, people, and businesses is very simple. The city straddles I-15 as it runs between Idaho and Arizona/Nevada. It also has a dedicated stop on the Utah Transit Authority’s FrontRunner commuter train, providing easy access on its route between Ogden and Provo.

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